Lot 31 - Ecodesign Preparatory Study
on Compressors


The project "ENER Lot 31 – Compressors" is closed.


Welcome to the website of the Ecodesign Preparatory Study on Compressors (ENER Lot 31). This study will provide the European Commission with a technical, environmental and economical analysis of compressors as required under Article 15 of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC.

The study started 21 December 2012, is carried out for the European Commission, DG Energy under specific contract ENER.C3(2011)1336534 and has now ended.

Reports issued for this study are available on the 'Documents' section of this website. Note: The final reports have been published on 6 June 2014 and no further updates are expected.

If you would like to read more about the background of this study, then please visit the Introduction.

What's new?

6 June 2014 Publication of Final reports and Overview stakeholder comments.
8 April 2014 Publication of (draft) Final reports on Task 1 to 8
27 January 2014 Publication of Draft Task 5 and Draft Task 6-7-8
3 May 2013 Final Minutes and presentation first stakeholder meeting are available
18 Feb 2013 First stakeholder meeting announced

Draft reports for task 1-4 are now available

21 Jan 2013 Meeting date 1st Stakeholder meeting is changed (date to be decided)
21 Aug 2012 Upload Inception Report (Task 0) [large PDF - 12 MB]
6 Mar 2012 Kick-off meeting (documents here)




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